Regarding the industry of logistic business, courier services, and warehouse services, barcode technology is the key in restructuring the whole industry to digitization. Barcode printers and barcode scanner becomes an important cutting edge key tool in the process. They play an important role in printing and identifying information in a fast and accurately manner. It is the foundation of the entire operation of logistics information management.

Logistics and couriers company work with the software and hardware service provider to build the entire transportation network for logistics and couriers in handling the parcel and cargo in a timely manner. By using the barcode printer, the logistics and couriers company can easily print various types of barcode label, and that can represent the information of the sender or receiver of the parcel or cargo. At the same time, the barcode scanner can perform data acquisition of all kinds of information on the label to identify an item, and can be able to quickly and accurately collect information, and upload to the system server. Barcode technology facilitates the industry to operate in an orderly and accurate manner even under a situation where it is busy environment and a huge amount of data is exchanging real time.

In the entire process of storage and delivery management of parcel and cargo, the logistics and courier business require printing and reading barcode in every aspect of their process. Especially during transport, the use of barcode technology is extremely important. From the starting point in sender side to the end point in receiver side, there are data transaction in every each steps. And it is accompanied with the data recording and data acquisition, parcel and cargo receiving, data entry to computer system, unloading port of shipment, parcel and cargo sorting, loading point of shipment and delivery, there are a large amount of data created in the process. Under such situation, logistics personnel must comply with all process specification. They need to use barcode printers and barcode scanner in order to make data acquisition completed in an accurate, timely and interactive manner.
  • 4 Inch TT Barcode Printer Product Overview (GA-2408T)

  • 4 Inch TT Barcode Printer Product Overview (GS-2406T plus)

  • 4 Inch TT Barcode Printer Product Overview(GS-2406T)

  • 4寸桌上型條碼印表機GA-2408T(標準型)
  • 4寸桌上型條碼印表機GA-2408T(加強型)
  • 桌面式熱轉式條碼印表機GS-2406T PLUS
  • 4寸桌上型熱轉式條碼印表機 GS-2406T & GS-3405T

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