Fashion labels can help selling your products to the consumer by conveying your brand image and value. They are one of the primary tools for brand awareness. Gainscha Series Label Printer can be applied to different areas of the garment to help your brand stand out from the rest. The labels can have information about materials, brand, sizing and price and is key to fashion merchandising.

Adding a barcode creator to the mix, owners can create labels needed to organize inventory and files, ship items and more. Cheak the inventory and following product information. 

  • 4 Inch TT Barcode Printer Product Overview (GS-2406T plus)

  • 4 Inch TT Barcode Printer Product Overview(GS-2406T)

  • 桌面式熱轉式條碼印表機GS-2406T PLUS
  • 4寸桌上型熱轉式條碼印表機 GS-2406T & GS-3405T
  • 4寸桌上型熱感式條碼印表機GS-2408D
  • 80mm 熱敏票據打印機 GA-S300

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