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In a highly flexible retail industry, customers have increasingly high expectations and need an efficient shopping experience, regardless of the shopping method they take.

Gainscha's superior range provides printing solutions for a range of in-store activites such as POS, self-service, product price tagging, inventory management, ticketing, online order response and more, helping your team to deliver a satisfying shopping experience for your customers and enhance brand loyalty and competitiveness.


· Point of Sale · Shelf Labeling · Price Tag Labeling · Product Marking · In-store Operation · Inventory and Fulfillment · Receipt and Coupon Printing
  • 4 Inch TT Barcode Printer Product Overview (GS-2406T plus)

  • 4 Inch TT Barcode Printer Product Overview(GS-2406T)

  • 4英寸桌面熱轉式條碼印表機GS-2406T PLUS
  • 4英寸桌上型熱轉式條碼印表機 GS-2406T & GS-3405T
  • 4英寸桌上型熱感式條碼印表機GS-2408D
  • 80mm 熱敏票據打印機 GA-S300

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