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Gainscha has innovated and launched a series of premium POS printers——GA-S300 & GA-F3300, both of which use 300dpi HD resolution printing technology that can save paper, be friendly to environment, and create more possibilities.

April 05-07, 2022, San Pablo, Brazil The biggest trade show in Latin America for commercial automation and product identification solutions

RFID technology has commonly used in high-volume industrial applications for manufacturing, shipping, receiving and more.

In the current dynamic environment, the workflows are becoming more and more complex. Thus, monitoring and tracking goods or assets has become an important step in enterprises, industries and logistics.

Drug safety is the primary task of medical management. In order to facilitate the management and use of drugs by medical staff, all drugs in the hospital are labeled with drug labels

In the production process of food, in addition to ensuring the quality of the product, consumers must also have the right to know, clearly understand the production date and storage date of the product

The price label is printed by the price label printer, and then pasted on the product surface for label identification. The product name, origin, manufacturer, origin, shelf life and precautions can be marked on the product price label.

Printers are getting easier and easier to use, no need computer only need mobile device can finish work. For example, they can be used in various industries such as logistics, electronics, and medical care.

A barcode printer is the specialized printer. The biggest difference between barcode printers and ordinary printers is that the printing of barcode printers is based on heat

GA-2408T desktop barcode printer used in the medical industry developed and produced. 203mm/s high printing speed, is equipped with an intuitive 4.3-inch color touch screen.

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