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Facing the high-intensity printing requirements of long-term, high-definition, continuous batch printing of labels, Gainscha Premium launched the industrial-grade thermal transfer barcode printer GS-2208D, which adopts industrial-grade design and advanced

In the production process of food, in addition to ensuring the quality of the product, consumers must also have the right to know, clearly understand the production date and storage date of the product, and remind consumers to eat ahead of time to avoid e

Labeling machines are one of the most common products in the label identification industry. It not only has a strong printing function, but also is very convenient to use. In particular, the multifunctional barcode label printer can not only print various

Many friends who are engaged in the clothing industry or the store industry know that a small warehouse is needed to store the goods. Not only that, but also the goods need to be sorted out, sorted and placed on the shelves or hangers. Labels help merchan

The printing accuracy of Gainscha Premium printers relies on the print head, an important accessory in the printer. At present, the printing accuracy on the market is: 200dpi, 300dpi, 600dpi. The higher the precision, the clearer the printed text, pattern

A product label is a label used to mark product information and plays a very important role in product safety and food safety. The product label should include the product logo, production date, product description and pattern design, etc. Labels can be u

Friends who often use label machines must know that in order to ensure the quality of the label printer and prolong the life of the label machine, it is necessary to work harder and clean it regularly. If used more frequently, it should be cleaned regular

Small partners who often go to supermarkets are probably familiar with price tags. In the past, when I was a child, they used to buy price tag paper in a unified manner, then handwritten the price, and then posted it. Then, after more than ten years of de

With the rapid development of the Internet and modern economy, users in the catering and retail industries have higher and higher requirements for receipt printing. To meet the new needs of users in the catering and retail industries, it is necessary to c

Gainscha Premium is the world's leading supplier of label printing equipment. It manufactures printing equipment and printing consumables. Among them, the labeling machine is small in size and light in weight. It is mostly portable. It is not only functio

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