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In traditional manufacturing, safety inspections and quality control are recorded manually, however, this recording is not always accurate, especially when there are thousands of items to handle, and is often prone to human error.

Utilize barcode printing and identification labeling technology to establish quality certification of raw materials and products, from the factory floor to field operations, providing visibility to speed up processes and increase management transparency.

The use of barcodes goes beyond quality assurance. By equipping special barcodes for sensor doors and sensor elevators that can identify employees, workplace safety can be greatly enhanced.

Gainscha provides customized solutions for manufacturers to help them improve productivity, enhance work safety, achieve warehouse intelligence and help them succeed in all aspects.


· Receiving / Shipping · Inventory & Material Management · Proof of Pickup & Delivery · Asset & Facility Management · High Value Asset Tracking

  • 4 Inch Industrial Barcode Printer Product Overview(GI-2408T Empower)

  • 4 Inch TT Barcode Printer Product Overview (GA-2408T)

  • 工業型條碼印表機GI-2408T(標準型)
  • 工業型條碼印表機GI-2408T(加強型)
  • 4英寸桌上型條碼印表機GA-2408T(標準型)
  • 4英寸熱轉印條碼印表機GA-2408T(加強型)

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