It is time for enhancing the information system to be more accuracy and real time in nature, and improve the quality of service for the logistics and warehousing industry.

Modern logistics process becomes an advanced management tool and technology for well established company. By adopting logistics services, the company can reduce consumption of company’s resource and increase the profit for the company. Using logistic services becomes another way to improve the profit of a company, on the top of improve the labor productivity efficiency. With the development of the latest information technology, network technology and e-commerce technology, modern logistics digitization evolution has become the trend inevitably. The success of the evolution of modern logistics process is highly dependent on large amounts of data acquisition, analysis, processing, and real-time updating. In another way to look at it, is that, the competition among modern logistics business is actually the competition on the digitization on logistics business management. The degree of digitization in logistics business management becomes the core competition in the industry as a whole.

Barcode technology becomes one of the important enabling technologies in supporting the digitization in the logistics business. The application of barcode technology greatly improves the degree of automation in modernizing the logistics process. Widely usage of barcode technology globally is a most powerful tool in automatic tracking for logistics industry. The barcode technology has produced a simple, rapid way of gathering information in a highly accuracy manner, even under the situation with a large amount of data exchanging. Barcode technology is low in cost, and the equipment is easy and convenient to use.

  • 4 Inch TT Barcode Printer Product Overview(GS-2406T)

  • 4 Inch TT Barcode Printer Product Overview (GS-2406T plus)

  • 4寸桌上型熱感式條碼印表機GS-2408D
  • 4寸桌上型熱轉式條碼印表機 GS-2406T & GS-3405T
  • 桌面式熱轉式條碼印表機GS-2406T PLUS
  • 3吋便携式印表機GP-M322

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