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Have you ever encountered such troubles: wanting a high-performance printer also needs to consider the price cost...

The GS-2406T PLUS is a premium barcode printer that offers a reliable, easily integrated industrial desktop printing solution

In the current dynamic environment, the workflows are becoming more and more complex. Thus, monitoring and tracking goods or assets has become an important step in enterprises, industries and logistics.

If you missed the training sessions that we organized in February and March, check out our recap this week.

珠海佳博網絡大膽創新,推出優質的票據印表機系列產品——GA-S300 & GA-F3300,兩款產品均採用300dpi高清分辯率列印科技,能省會打,綠色環保,創造更多可能。

GA-S300大膽創新,採用300dpi高清分辯率列印科技,定義行業新標準。 文字、圖片、二維碼列印效果更加細膩、更加清晰,列印品質大大提升。

南美洲最大規模、最全面的零售自動化展覽會——2022巴西聖保羅零售自動化展覽會於2022年4月5日正式開幕! 珠海佳博網絡攜眾多優質打印機亮相巴西聖保羅展覽中心,向拉丁美洲和南美洲的用戶展示了珠海佳博網絡的科技創新實力。

RFID technology has commonly used in high-volume industrial applications for manufacturing, shipping, receiving and more.




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