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80mm Thermal Receipt Printer GA-S300

Thermal receipt printer

80mm Thermal Receipt Printer GA-S300
80mm Thermal Receipt Printer GA-S300
80mm Thermal Receipt Printer GA-S300
80mm Thermal Receipt Printer GA-S300
80mm Thermal Receipt Printer GA-S300
80mm Thermal Receipt Printer GA-S300

Product Features

• Designed with compact size and attractive appearance, featuring with 160mm/s print speed, together with excellent 2D barcode printing ability
• Built-in LED display supports easy printer set up, including print speed, print density, baud-rate and more
• New utility to view print length, number of cuts and more
• Allow users to upgrade printer firmware

Application Industries

  • Medical Insurance

    Medical Insurance

  • Retail


  • Entertainment And Service Industry

    Entertainment And Service Industry


The Thermal Printer 80 is a type of thermal printer that is commonly used in various applications due to its compact size and efficient printing capabilities. 


Here are some common applications where the Thermal Printer 80 is used:

Retail Receipt Printing: Thermal Printer 80 is widely used in retail environments for printing sales receipts. Its fast printing speed and high-quality output make it suitable for handling high-volume transactions in stores, supermarkets, and restaurants.

Ticketing Systems: The Thermal Printer 80 is commonly employed in ticketing systems for printing tickets for events, public transportation, parking lots, and more. Its ability to produce clear and legible tickets quickly makes it ideal for situations where fast ticket issuance is required.

Medical and Healthcare Documentation: In the healthcare industry, the Thermal Printer 80 finds application in printing medical reports, patient wristbands, prescription labels, and other documentation. Its reliability and accuracy contribute to maintaining efficient and organized medical record-keeping.

Logistics and Shipping Labels: The Thermal Printer 80 is widely used in logistics and shipping operations for printing shipping labels, address labels, barcodes, and tracking information. Its ability to print high-resolution labels quickly and with excellent clarity aids in the smooth operation of warehouse management and package tracking systems.

Point of Sale (POS) Systems: Thermal Printer 80 is integrated into POS systems to print receipts, invoices, and sales reports. Its compact size and compatibility with various software and hardware solutions make it a popular choice for retailers and businesses seeking reliable printing capabilities.

Banking and Financial Transactions: The Thermal Printer 80 is utilized in banking and financial institutions for printing transaction receipts, account statements, and other financial documents. Its high-speed printing and durability ensure efficient handling of a large volume of printing tasks.

Gaming and Lottery Systems: In the gaming and lottery industry, the Thermal Printer 80 is used for printing tickets, vouchers, and receipts. Its ability to produce high-resolution prints with clear barcodes and graphics enhances the gaming experience and facilitates efficient ticket handling.

Hospitality and Entertainment: The Thermal Printer 80 is used in hotels, theaters, amusement parks, and other entertainment venues for printing tickets, admission passes, coupons, and receipts. Its compact design and reliable performance contribute to smooth guest experiences and efficient business operations.


  • Printer Model


  • Print Method

    Direct thermal line

  • Emulation


  • Paper width


  • Print width


  • Resolution


  • Paper roll

    75mm diameter max.

  • Print speed


  • Paper thickness


  • Interface


  • Data buffer

    4K bytes

  • Barcode type


  • Power supply

    DC 24V 2.5A

  • Cash drawer

    DC 24V 1A

  • Print head life


  • Auto cutter life

    1 million cuts

  • Operating system

    Support Windows/Linux/OPOS driver

  • Net Weight


  • Dimension

    160 x 132 x 123mm

Operation film



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